Membership & Supporter Info

SouthBank Bar & Garden are open to the public but participation in activities requires a minimum 'associate membership'. The most basic level of membership is free and provides regular updates/advance notice events. Full membership offers additional benefits; access to monthly cinema club, discounts on event tickets, advance notice of events, room hire and a range of other benefits.


SouthBank Membership Options

Benefits: Access to SouthBank Bar & garden. General access to events. Free weekly mailing

SouthBank Club - Full Membership

Benefits: Free access to monthly cinema club, discounts on room hire, admission prices, bar prices. club card, weekly updates.

Professionals/Teachers (individual) 35.00
Reduced rates on studio hire/marketing support for classes etc.

Groups & Clubs - £50.00 p. year
Benefits: Access to facilities, reduced room hire for activities & use of rooms, reduced bar prices/marketing and publicity support for activities.

For basic free membership Click here to members zone
To purchase membership click here to visit our webstore. Your membership card will be sent in the post