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This year SouthBank are Supporting the Annakshetra Project  Varkala, S.India ( that distributes food parcels to people who are below the level of poor and effectively abandoned – some with mental health issues and disabilities, sleeping on stations and the roadside. It was set up almost single handedly by an inspiring young man Rama Ramesh - who went against the wishes of his family and convention at some personal cost to pursue the idea. The charity is open to to all faiths, muslims, christians and hindus. Currently it has a building but no kitchen so has to buy all the meals he distributes. The charity would need around £3000 to equip a kitchen large enough to prepare that number of meals daily. So in the spirit of Lent and to support the charity Jess is attempting a sponsored Fast for 5 days (and nights) to raise funds for the project. All monies donated without any deductions would go to the charity. Once enough is raised I’d hope go out and help instal it. If anyone would like to join me and raise sponsorship for some or all of the time I’ll be starting at sunset this Monday 12th and finishing at sunset on Saturday 17th March.. Otherwise you can donate below. Thankyou

Annakshetra Charity
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Goal: £3000.00 | Raised: £350.00 Started: March 10, 2018
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